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\hypothesistag The understanding of mechanisms that enabled the emergence of self-replicating ribozymes is a recurrent theme in RNA world studies \cite{Vaidya:2012aa,Beaudry:1992aa}. These ribozymes are often characterized by complex structures.\\
While the definition of complex structures is vague, we argue that multi-loops are one of the important and easily identifiable features.
The basis is how quickly and often they appear in consensus structures of Rfam families at short lengths, as shown in Figure~1. It has also been the focus of previous computational studies such as \cite{Briones:2009aa}.\\
Finally, viroids are by themselves an interesting example which have different replication mechanisms depending of relatively subtle changes in structures \cite{Owens:2007aa}.
Finally, viroids are indeed by themselves an interesting example. The latter have different replication mechanisms depending on relatively subtle changes of their structures \cite{Owens:2007aa}.
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