Commit 098b4048 authored by Roman Sarrazin-Gendron's avatar Roman Sarrazin-Gendron
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BayesPairing 2.1 - added changelog

parent edf59b78
- Updated scoring system to score structure probability out of 25000 in order to maintain interpretability of results while keeping the same scoring system when comparing datasets with different sample size
- Updated Bayesian probability scoring to never score the same structure twice (keeping a smaller dictionary of already scored candidates rather than looking through the large dictionary of samples every time).
- Known issue: cannot update Bayesian sample if the sample exists. It needs to be deleted manually before the command is run for -p to be considered. Will be fixed soon.
......@@ -176,9 +176,8 @@ def score_struct(
for i in candidate_list:
if i!=4:
test_string = test_string + str(i)
for i in scores.keys():
if i == test_string:
score = float(scores[i])
if test_string in scores.keys():
score = float(scores[test_string])
size = float(len(nodes))
nullmodel = pow(0.25,size)
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