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## Core latex/pdflatex auxiliary files:
## Intermediate documents:
# these rules might exclude image files for figures etc.
# *.ps
# *.eps
# *.pdf
## Generated if empty string is given at "Please type another file name for output:"
## Bibliography auxiliary files (bibtex/biblatex/biber):
## Build tool auxiliary files:
## Build tool directories for auxiliary files
# latexrun
## Auxiliary and intermediate files from other packages:
# algorithms
\author{Roman Sarrazin-Gendron, J\'er\^ome Waldisp\"uhl, Vladimir Reinharz}
\title{Non-canonical Base Pairs and Structural Motifs}
\section{Non-canonical base pairs}
\item Leontis-Westhof annotations (I'll adapt my previous figure)
\item FR3D
\item MCAnnotate
\item claRNA
\item forgi?
\section{Non-canonical motifs}
\item RNA3DMotif
\item RNA 3D Motif Atlas
\item RNABricks
\item CaRNAval
\item RNAMotifScan
\item Small review, based on sequence, RMdetect, JAR3D, metaRNAmodules etc...
\item most of the chapter on BayesPairing
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