Commit fa84fb8b authored by Carlos GO's avatar Carlos GO
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parent 1ad2a162
......@@ -36,8 +36,8 @@ def parse_fr3d(fr3d_path, pdb_path):
if label in VALID_EDGES:
label = label[0] + "".join(sorted(label[1:]))
G.add_edge((chain_1, pos_1), (chain_2, pos_2), label=label)
nucs[(chain_1, str(pos_1)] = nuc_1
nucs[(chain_2, str(pos_2)] = nuc_2
nucs[(chain_1, str(pos_1))] = nuc_1
nucs[(chain_2, str(pos_2))] = nuc_2
nx.set_node_attributes(G, nucs, 'nt')
# use BioPython to fill in the backbones
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