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<h1> What isn't RNAmigos? </h1>
RNAmigos is not a docking tool, or an affinity predictor, hence we do not require a docked complex as input, nor do we return an affinity score.
We also do not scan full RNAs for binding sites, this tool assumes that the input structure already represents a binding site.
<h1> Uploading Structure Data </h1>
......@@ -81,6 +82,8 @@ Here is a sample node-link JSON:
The <code>'id'</code> attribute can be whatever you like. In this case, it represents a chain and position in a PDB.
<b>IMPORTANT:</b> file must not exceed 1MB. We do not process whole RNAs, just binding sites, which should be a handful of residues large.
<h1> Uploading Ligand Database </h1>
If you provide your own ligand database to screen, we will use the prediction to return the most similar ligands in the database to the prediction.
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