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......@@ -32,6 +32,15 @@ When a simulation is to be repeated with the same parameters, the -r flag tells
python -l 100 -g 0.3 -m 0.1 -t 2000 -n 5 -p 5
You can start a simulation from a seed population of RNA sequences using the `--initial` option followed by the path to a sequence file. The file should have an RNA sequence on each line. An error will be thrown if sequences are of different lengths. If using `target` mode an error will be thrown if the size of the sequence does not match the size of the target structure.
python --initial pop.txt
Where `pop.txt` is a plaintext file containing one sequence per line.
### Output
Each run produces a `.csv` file that can be easily parsed with tools such as [pandas]( Each column of the csv is labeled as follows:
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